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Our firm was shaped with the aim in Hungary that it make available the carriage wich is one of the milestone to the driving and it never have been on hand in our home. In out site you can find the veteran Ford Mustangs’s most type from 1964 to 1948. From coupe, cabrio, fastback, Shelby clone, GTA stock. Ford Mustang and Aston Martin aquiring, restoration, sales.




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Aston Martin One-77

All have the Aston Martin being made in the altogether 77 copies already his host. Onto the car 70 million Ft were the advances, his full price though 320 million Ft.

This super sportscar 700 horsepower, 750Nm, 7,3 litre V12 engine.

The Aston Martin One-77 get ready for 2010 expectedly.

Géder Melinda

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